Credit card debt often feels like it sneaks up on you, and before you know it, you find yourself struggling to make the minimum payments and get those balances down to a manageable amount. Know you are not alone. During the summer of 2023, credit card usage soared to a new milestone, with balances across the U.S. reaching more than $1 trillion.

If you continue to struggle with massive amounts of credit card debt, there may be some relief in your future. Continue reading this credit card debt assistance article to learn more about the possibility of government help with credit card bills in Florida and Texas:

Does the government help with credit card bills in Florida?

credit card bills - government - loan - debt

When you have reached a point where you cannot stay on top of your credit card debts, you may wonder if any government grants or programs can help. Assistance is available if you are behind on your credit card payments because of a lost job, medical emergency, personal crisis, or other reasons. However, the Florida government does not offer assistance with credit card debt.

Assistance for Florida residents with unmanageable credit card debt includes credit counseling, debt settlement, and bankruptcy. Continue reading to learn more about your options in Florida and which organizations and agencies can help you.

Assistance programs for those with credit card debt in Florida

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Florida Debt Relief

Florida Debt Relief
Florida Debt Relief Visit site

Florida Debt Relief is an organization dedicated to helping Florida residents find the financial assistance needed to get out of significant credit card debt. Consumers have options when working with Florida Debt Relief, including debt management, consolidation, and counseling.

Florida Debt Relief has helped more than 13,000 Florida residents find financial relief without needing to file bankruptcy for their unmanageable credit card debt.

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief has helped more than 550,000 people since 2009 with their credit card debt. Through this program, consumers with large amounts of debt can reclaim their independence and get their lives back on track without the burden of their past debt.

After your consultation, your debt expert will help develop a plan best for your financial needs, including consolidation, management, and settlement. National Debt Relief can help people with unsecured debt, including credit cards, personal loans, lines of credit, medical bills, repossessions, collections, business debts, and select student debts. Visit site

Upstart allows people with credit card debt to obtain an unsecured, fixed-rate personal loan. The money from the loan helps pay off debt on multiple credit cards, turning it into one easier-to-manage monthly payment.

Even with less-than-perfect credit, Upstart offers various loan options for most credit scores and credit history by connecting consumers with multiple financial institutions. Additionally, with continued on-time payments, paying your loan from Upstart can help boost your credit score. Visit site serves consumers through accurate and accessible information, helping improve and preserve financial well-being. The company strives to assist consumers in all stages of life to get back on track and secure their financial future.

Whether you have one credit card or multiple, can help you find a solution to your debt and create a plan to help you stay out of debt. If you have unmanageable credit card debt, can help provide you with valuable information, tools, free resources, and assistance with debt relief, consolidation, and management.

Consolidated Credit

Consolidated Credit
Consolidated Credit Visit site

Consolidated Credit offers consumers in Florida assistance with credit card debt while helping them get their lives back on track. Whether you have $10,000 in credit card debt or $40,000, Consolidated credit can help manage and consolidate your bills.

Consolidated credit helps reduce your monthly credit card payments by up to 50 percent, providing you with a more manageable interest rate between zero and 10 percent. Plus, by consolidating your monthly payments into one single payment, you can pay off your debt in about 36 to 60 months, depending on the total amount.

InCharge Debt Solutions

InCharge Debt Solutions

InCharge Debt Solutions is a nonprofit organization offering consumers free and impartial debt relief solutions to help with their credit card and unsecured debt. When you become overwhelmed with debt, this organization can help analyze your financial situation and provide achievable solutions.

Consumer programs available through InCharge Debt Solutions include debt management programs, debt consolidation programs, and credit counseling.

Is there government help with credit card bills in Texas?

credit card bills - government - loan - debt

Unfortunately, no government programs are available for Texas consumers needing help with their credit card debt. However, several options exist, including counseling and credit management assistance from businesses and Texas nonprofits.

Texas has a statute of limitations of four years for debt, meaning a debt collector must file a lawsuit for the past-due debt within four years of your last payment. The stress of being sued by a creditor or debt collector can cause emotional distress and tension. By seeking help from a Texas credit management, consolidation, or counseling organization, you reduce the risk of experiencing debt-related stress and anxiety.

Continue reading to discover additional information about companies and nonprofit organizations in Texas that can help with your credit card debt.

Assistance programs for those with credit card debt in Texas

Texas Debt Relief

Texas Debt Relief
Texas Debt Relief Visit site

Texas Debt Relief helps residents struggling with managing and keeping up with their credit card payments because the costs of living and interest rates keep rising. As bills continue to grow, it can feel overwhelming, which is why Texas Debt Relief is ready to help you, like it has helped more than 16,000 residents a month get out of credit card debt.

When it feels near impossible to get out from underneath the magnitude of your credit card debt, Texas Debt Relief can help. Solutions available through Texas Debt Relief include credit counseling, buget planning, debt management, debt consolidation, and debt settlement assistance.

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief

Since every financial situation differs, National Debt Relief helps customize debt consolidation loan programs based on each consumer’s needs. Based on your credit card debt, current credit score, and income, experts at National Debt Relief help you make a plan to get out of debt in a manageable and affordable manner.

If you are committed to getting your financial life back, National Debt Relief will be with you every step of the way. Until you are out of debt and have a functional budget, your debt specialist and team will work tirelessly to help you achieve the financial goals you seek. Visit site

Upstart can help get you a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt. Texas consumers may qualify for loans ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 with low, fixed interest rates up to 43.2 percent lower than most credit-score-only loan calculation models.

With the loan, you can pay off multiple credit cards, giving you one more manageable monthly payment. Plus, with Upstart, if you become more financially secure during the life of the loan, you can pay it off with no prepayment penalty. Visit site is a debt relief program helping Texans with credit card debt find financial options, helping them become debt-free. works with creditors to provide consumer solutions, including management, consolidation, and settlement.

Programs through make it possible to afford monthly debt payments while offering counseling to help consumers finally get out of debt and stay out of debt. The benefit of using to help with credit card debt is that your creditors get paid while you can continue to improve your financial situation, including your credit score.

InCharge Debt Solutions

InCharge Debt Solutions

InCharge Debt Solutions helps Texas consumers struggling with paying their bills with free, nonprofit credit counseling and debt management programs. InCharge Debt Solutions is ready to help you identify where you need help and create customized programs to get you out of debt and help you keep debt under control.

Working with InCharge Debt Solutions helps those struggling with the burden of debt find relief and hope for their financial future. InCharge Debt Solutions offers debt management programs, credit counseling, credit consolidation loans, credit card debt forgiveness, debt settlement, and bankruptcy counseling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do if There Are No Government Help Programs for Credit Card Debt?

credit card bills - government - loan - debt

Though no official government-backed programs are helping Florida and Texas residents eliminate credit card debt, help is available from credit management companies and local nonprofit organizations. There are many places to get information, tips, and options to help with unmanageable credit card debt, including from the Federal Trade Commission.

When seeking help with credit card debt, most people find debt relief, debt management, consolidation, credit counseling, and budget management assistance. Bankruptcy is another option, but only if there are no other options that are beneficial to your financial future.

What is a debt management plan?

A debt management plan allows you to condense several high credit card balances into one monthly payment through a special arrangement between you and your debt management company. The overall objective for consumers with a debt management plan is to help them meet monthly financial goals while working toward paying off their outstanding credit card debt.

What is a debt settlement program?

credit card bills - government - loan - debt

Several nonprofit companies and organizations offer debt settlement programs to help people with significant amounts of credit card debt. With debt settlement, the company negotiates with creditors, allowing consumers to pay an agreed-upon lump sum in exchange for covering the entire debt. Ultimately, debt settlement will enable you to pay less than you owe, but you must pay the settlement amount upfront or by an agreed-upon date.

What is debt consolidation?

Unlike debt settlement, debt consolidation is when the consumer pays off all of their credit card debt using a consolidation program or loan. Consolidation helps reduce the risk of missing a credit card payment, especially among those with multiple credit cards, putting all of their debt into one monthly loan payment. Additionally, interest rates for consolidation loans are typically less than standard credit card interest rates, which helps consumers save money.

Is it a good idea to go with a debt relief program?

credit card bills - government - loan - debt

Debt relief programs help consumers get out of massive credit card debt. Though many of these programs are reasonable, there are some drawbacks to working with a company for your debt relief needs.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that many consumers experience a significant drop in their credit score because the debt relief service requires them to stop paying credits while negotiating a plan. The missed payments may also cause late fees, which could add to the total debt you owe, especially if the debt relief program disagrees with your creditors.

How can I get rid of my credit card debt without paying?

Unfortunately, getting rid of your credit card debt without paying for it is impossible. The only option close to this is filing for bankruptcy, which also costs money, and if you file with the courts for Chapter 13, you will be placed on a monthly repayment plan lasting between three and five years.

Sometimes, life happens, and we face the challenge of struggling to pay credit card debt. Though there are no government programs to help with credit card debt in Florida or Texas, several companies and organizations are ready to help manage, consolidate, settle, and reorganize your existing credit card and unsecured debt balances.

Stop struggling with credit card debt. Contact one or more of the above-listed companies and organizations to learn more about your financial options.

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